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  1. Economics – (foundation course)

This page is carrying resources about Economics.  Modern Economics curricula have a wide range. we will try to cover most of the topics from higher school certificate to the undergraduate levels. Economics is also an integral part of much other science like Engineering and Business.  They include contents up to the undergraduate level.  The resources on this page will also satisfy the learning zeal of those learners who intend to increase their understanding of the subject.


Economics is popular social science, which deals with the allocation of resources. It explains how individuals, businesses, countries, and the entire world can take maximum advantage from scarce economic resources for the welfare of human society. The formal history of this subject is less than 200 years.  Nowadays, several specializations have been emerged out of this core social science.  The number of newly emerged academic specializations are also getting theoretical support from Economics. They include Business Administration, Quality control, Operation Research,  Finance, decision making and many more.

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