Welcome to the learning resource center of the Education Pyramid UAE. Education Pyramid is a platform which justifies informality of education that brings convenience and ease of manner for a learner. The flexibility of time, space and affordability have graced a crown on the head of modern technologies by bringing modern education to the doorsteps of learners.  Our system will help learners to achieve their academic goals as independent learner.

Time has gone, when learners were engaged spending most of their time in exploring and storing knowledge contents. Technology has taken up that role. A learner in this age is found exploring contents that can best fit the purpose. The electronic repositories are filled with voluminous contents. Similarly, the teaching process has also been upgraded to the new environment. Teachers are found helping students how to access the right information for the specific purpose and enable learners how to apply it for problem-solving and decision-making.


Our mission is to respond back to the society by spreading the open-education concept, which is easily available to all learners especially the underprivileged segments of the society.

  • We believe that education is a fundamental human right, and no one should be barred from this right.
  • We believe that modern formal education is expensive, and many students are unable to enter universities and schools of their choice due to non-academic reasons.
  • We are finding ways how to bring modern education to the doorsteps of the deserving learners, and to those who are potential learners.
  • We support the commercial model of education, but it is not the only way to impart education. Commercial models also act as a gauge to demarcate between haves and haves-not.
  • We believe that as a social responsibility, stakeholders of the commercial education models must contribute towards the development of education for those who do not fit in the commercial systems.
  • The mission of  ‘open-education model‘ is a graceful way to impart education for the masses, which provide equal opportunity to both groups-privileged or unprivileged class learners.


helping society by imparting "education"