Welcome to the learning resource center of the Education Pyramid UAE. Education Pyramid is a platform which justifies informality of education that brings convenience and ease of manner for a learner. The flexibility of time, space and affordability have graced a crown on the head of modern technologies, by bringing modern education to the doorsteps of learners.  Our system will help learners to achieve their academic goals.  Education Pyramid Dot Com is a platform for educators, academicians, researchers, consultants, counselors, and teachers to contribute with their thoughts, experiences, and efforts. Time has gone, when students were spending most of their time in exploring and storing existing knowledge. Technology has taken up that role. A student of this age have no worries to acquire existing knowledge. The need of the time is to help them in the creation and application of knowledge. Our system is one such effort to provide easily accessible learning resources to young students, and then to guide them on how to use it to achieve their academic goals. We will continue uploading free online resources to help those learners, who cannot afford modern education services.


Our mission is to pay our society back, by spreading the message, to help youth who are non-privileged and unable to get the right education.

  • We believe that education is a fundamental human right, and no one should be barred from this right. Modern education is expensive, and many students are unable to enter universities and schools of their choice due to non-academic reasons.

How can we contribute to this cause?

Look around you, and try to find at least one child/young boy/ or a girl, discover the  education needs, and help by putting efforts to arrange finance for his/her education – similar quality education as your own children are getting.

  • Majority of parents find themselves in real trouble at the time when their children shift from schools to higher education. Most of them end up with confused and wrong decisions.   Some parents are unable to start admission process on time, which results in the waste of a full academic year, or they may compromise with poor choices available.

How can we contribute to this cause?

Look around you, see if you can find young boys and girls who are in senior school grades, meet them, find their situation, refer them to proper career counselor, educationists, or senior academicians, and help them choosing right career.

  • Number of students are unable to cope up with the class room teaching, due to number of factors. These students, either finish their studies in low grades, or they  compel their parents to pay for the off-school tutoring facilities.  This looks workable solution for affluent families. But number of children are unable to afford make-up tutoring sessions.

How can we contribute to this cause?

Find such cases around you, meet with them, understand their academic make-up needs, and help them by putting efforts to arrange finance for their make-up classes. If you can spare few hours out of your time during a week, teach them yourself, or refer them to your friend and colleague, who can volunteer his/her services towards this cause.


Youth is our hope and beauty of the society. They need you, but they may not know what actually do they need, or even if they know, they may need your support to accomplish those needs.

Pass on this message to your friends, colleagues, and family members.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you are interested to play your role by generating free educational resources for general public, we can upload your resources on this site if they fall in our policy framework.