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Program Coordinator:- Muhammad Azeem

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  1. Business Studies – (foundation course)


This page is carrying resources about Business Studies.  The resources on this page will cover most of the topics from higher school certificate to the undergraduate levels, including specializations. The development will be gradual,  initiating with the foundation-level programs in business studies which will cover most of the topics from higher school certificates or IGCSE levels.

This is important to mention that business studies are developed on the knowledge of Economics. Therefore, we advise learners to attend lessons from Economics (foundation course, before start studying business. This does not mean that economics is a prerequisite of business studies. Students can start directly with business courses, but we have experienced that they were referred to Economics for many times for the clarifications of concepts from Economics.


Business studies discuss the business environment. What is business, why do we need firms, and how these businesses grow are fundamental issues in business studies.  The solution to these issues led us to focus on a particular domain instead of a general business perspective.  These are called functional areas of business or specialized areas in business studies.  Popular among them are Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Total Quality Management, General Management, Information Systems, International Business,  International Marketing, Business Law, etc.  The study in Business Administration covers most of these specializations.  Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Business Administration (popular as BBA & MBA)  offer these specializations to students, once they have completed studies in core areas of Business Administration.

We welcome all suggestions and assistance in this project. You can communicate with us through the Contact us page by sending a message. We also need serious feedback from students so that we can focus on those areas which they need.

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